Browser Cookies:

Cookies are pieces of information that a website places on your device when you visit a website. Cookies may involve the transmission of information from us to you and from you directly to us, to another party on our behalf, or to another party in accordance with its privacy policy. We may use cookies to bring together information we collect about you. You can choose to have your device warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all cookies. You do this through your browser settings. If you turn cookies off, you won’t have access to many features that make your guest experience more efficient and some of our services will not function properly. Please see the last section of this Cookies Policy for more information about how to manage or disable browser cookies.
We use several categories of cookies and each performs different functions. You can learn more about cookies and their functions generally by visiting an information website like

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential in order to enable you to navigate this website and use certain features. Without these strictly necessary cookies, the online services you have asked for, like shopping baskets or producing your bill at checkout, cannot be provided.
Consent is not required for strictly necessary cookies as they are required for us to provide the services requested by you.

Performance cookies

We (or service providers operating on our behalf) may place our performance cookies on your device. The information collected using our performance cookies is used only by us or for our benefit.
Our performance cookies collect anonymous information about how you use this website and its features. For instance, our performance cookies collect information about which pages on this website you visit most often, if you open or read the communications we send, which advertisements you view or interact with on this website or other websites on which our advertisements appear, and if you receive any error messages. The information collected may be used to customise your online experience by showing you content we think you will like. Our performance cookies also may be used to limit the number of times you see the same advertisement. Our performance cookies don’t collect information that identifies you personally; however, if you have a registration account with us, the information collected by us using our performance cookies may be associated with your registration account.
We also may allow third-party advertisers to place their performance cookies on your device through their advertisements on this website. The information these third-party performance cookies collect is used to determine which third-party advertisements to display on this website, how often to display them, and in which locations of this websites the third-party advertisements perform best. These third-party performance cookies do not collect information that identifies you personally.
We provide notice of and a link to this Cookies Policy in the footer of each page of this website. By using and continuing to use this website and its features, you agree that we (and the third-party advertisers on this website) can place performance cookies on your device.
You can delete or manage performance cookies as instructed in the last section of this Cookies Policy.

Functionality cookies

We (or service providers operating on our behalf) may place our functionality cookies on your device. We do not share information collected using our functionality cookies with our advertisers or other third parties.
Our functionality cookies are used to remember choices you make (such as language preference, country location, or other online settings) and provide the personalised or enhanced features that you select. Our functionality cookies can be used to provide online services to you, or to prevent online services from being offered to you if you previously indicated you did not want to receive such services.
Our functionality cookies collect anonymous information; however, if you have a registration account with us, the information collected by us using our functionality cookies may be associated with your registration account.
In some cases, we may allow an advertiser or other third party to provide you with content and other online experiences on this website or online service. In these cases, the third-party may place their functionality cookies on your device and use their functionality cookies in the same way we use our functionality cookies, to provide you personalised or enhanced features in connection with the third-party content or experience.
By selecting customised options, personalised settings, or enhanced features, you indicate your consent to our use (and the use by permitted third parties) of functionality cookies to deliver these customised or personalised experiences.
If you delete these functionality cookies, any preferences or settings you selected will not be retained for later visits.
Targeting or advertising cookies

Third-Party Targeted Advertising

Third-party targeted advertising cookies may be placed on your device by third-party advertisers, ad networks, data exchanges, marketing analytics and other service providers.
Third-party targeted advertising cookies collect information about your browsing activity across multiple websites and online services in order to provide you with relevant advertisements on our websites and online services and the websites and online services of third parties. Ad networks may share this information with the advertisers using their network. The information collected using these third-party advertising cookies does not identify you personally.

Our Targeted Advertising

Our targeted advertising cookies are placed on your device by us (or service providers operating on our behalf).
We may use these cookies on our websites and in connection with our content and advertisements that appear on third-party websites and online services to recognise that you’ve viewed or interacted with our content or advertisements and so we can show you advertisements for products that we believe will be of interest to you. Our targeted advertising cookies collect anonymous information; however, if you have a registration account with us, the information collected by us using our targeted advertising cookies may be associated with your registration account.
The organisation setting the cookie (either the third party or us) is responsible for obtaining consent. Where you see this icon [IAB Icon] on third-party advertising or our advertising, you can click through to learn more about behaviourally targeted advertising, including how to exercise your control options through your browser settings. More information can be found at

Registered guests

We may analyse online activities of registered guests across our websites and online services by use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Where you have opted in to receive communications from us, we may use cookies and other tracking technologies to tailor future communications to reflect your interests.
We may also use cookies or other tracking technologies within our communications to you (for example to see if they have been read or opened or to see what content you interact with and what links you follow) so that we can better match future communications to your interests.
You may opt out at any time from receiving targeted communications from us by logging into your registration account and selecting not to receive marketing communications. To opt out of targeted advertising based on your online behaviour across this and other websites please follow the instructions provided above (for targeted advertising).
We will not share your contact information with our third-party advertisers unless you give us permission.

Following the procedures to activate or deactivate, delete or block cookies on main browser

chrome Google Chrome

1. Adjust cookie and site data permissions
2. Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
3. Select Settings.
4. Click Show advanced settings.
5. In the “Privacy” section, click the Content settings button.
6. In the “Cookies” section, you can change the following cookies settings:

Delete Cookies
Click All cookies and site data to open the Cookies and site data dialog.

  • To delete all cookies, click Remove all at the bottom of the dialog.
  • To delete a specific cookie, hover over the site that issued the cookie with your mouse, then click the X that appears on the right corner.

You can also choose to remove all cookies created during a specific time period, using the Clear Browsing Data dialog.

firefox Firefox

To delete all cookies stored on your computer, either open the Cookies window as explained above and use the Remove All Cookies button, or else do the following:
Click the menu button New Fx Menu , choose History, and then Clear Recent History….
1. Set Time range to clear to Everything.
2. Click on the arrow next to Details to expand the list of history items.
3. Select Cookies and make sure that other items you want to keep are not selected.
4. Click Clear Now to clear the cookies and close the Clear Recent History window.

explorer Internet Explorer

1. Exit Internet Explorer 8, and then exit any instances of Windows Explorer.
2. Do one of the following:

  • In Windows Vista or Windows 7, click Start button, type inetcpl.cpl in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
  • In Windows XP, click Start, click Run, type inetcpl.cpl in the Open box, and then press ENTER.

3. On the General tab, click Delete under Browsing History in the Internet Properties dialog box.
4. In the Delete Browsing History dialog box, click to clear all of the check boxes except for the Cookies check box, and then click Delete.

opera Opera

Cookie preferences
Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies
The cookie preferences give you control of Opera’s cookie handling. The default setting is to accept all cookies.
– Accept cookies
All cookies are accepted (default)
– Accept cookies only from the site I visit
Third-party cookies, for a domain outside the one you are visiting, are refused
– Never accept cookies
All cookies are refused

Delete new cookies when exiting Opera
Some websites require you to accept cookies to use their services. If you want these sites to work, but you do not want to keep cookies between visits, select “Delete new cookies when exiting Opera”.

Ask me before accepting cookies
If you select “Ask me before accepting cookies”, the cookie dialog opens every time a cookie is offered, with information about the cookie’s origin and attributes.

Manage Cookies
The cookie manager permits you to inspect and edit the cookies saved by Opera. Press the button marked “Manage Cookies” to reveal a set of folders, each identified with a domain. Use the quick find field to search by domain name, and open the relevant folder to get detailed information about all cookies connected with that domain.

The cookie dialog
The cookie dialog opens every time a website offers you a cookie, if you have checked the box marked “Ask me before accepting cookies” in Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies. The dialog describes the cookie’s origin and attributes, and gives you the opportunity to accept or reject it.

Force deletion when exiting Opera
To change the expiration of the cookie to end of session, select “Force deletion when exiting Opera”.

safari Safari

Remove stored cookies and data:

    • Click Remove All Website Data, or click Details, select one or more websites, then click Remove.
    • If you remove information stored by a website, the website may not be able to provide services it has provided in the past.

Change how cookies and website data are blocked:
Select an option in the “Block cookies and other website data” section.
Allow cookies temporarily:
If a website requires you to allow cookies, you can temporarily select Never in the “Block cookies and other website data” section. After leaving the website, select another option for cookie and data blocking, then remove cookies the page stored.